What Is The Quickest Way To Lose Weight?

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Rapid Weight Loss and Health

Some people will tell you to lose your weight quickly, is to starve yourself. By going on some ultra-low calorie diet, your body will access fat reserves for energy, making you lose fat fast, particularly if your body goes into a ketonic state, (a point where it becomes hyper-efficient at burning body fat).

The problem with this approach is the nature of the weight loss achieved. To lose weight quickly is not to lose weight healthily.

Each pound of fat in your body is equivalent to about 3500 calories. The average man needs 2500 calories, daily, to balance energy in with energy out.

Anything below 1500 calories per day is considered unsustainable and potentially dangerous. At this level your body will start to cannibalise its own muscle tissue to provide energy.

Also, it becomes increasingly difficult to get sufficient nutrients into your body with this low level of calories. This means that the average man can safely reduce his intake by about 1000 calories per day.

When averaged out over a week, this equates to a loss of 2lbs per week. If you lose weight at a faster rate than this, much of the loss will come from lean muscle and water.

In this day and age it seems to be more taboo to talk about Male Weight Loss, however companies like LivSmarter are trying to break that stigma. They are a FREE men’s diet support tools are revolutionizing men’s weight loss whilst providing support and expert advice.

To maximize weight loss, it is advisable to

Limit calories consumed to a minimum of 1500 per day, or 1800 if you engage in a very high level of exercise or activity.

Train smart by doing cardiovascular exercise using intervals or high intensity training techniques which burn more energy and increase metabolic rate.

Do weight training to increase muscle mass. Concentrate on compound exercises to burn more calories, increase growth hormone secretion, and push up metabolic rate.

Avoid empty calories by cutting out sugary drinks, sugar in tea and coffee, sweets, chocolates, and other foodstuffs that are high in calories but offer little other nutrients.

Sleep well to decrease stress hormones that make you more likely to store fat. So get your 7 to 8 hours a night to make yourself slimmer and less likely to crave sugary snacks throughout the morning.

Eat breakfast to prevent peaks and troughs in blood sugar levels which make you more prone to being tempted by high energy snacks before lunch.

Plan your nutrition. This will make it more likely that you do not exceed your calorie allowance and helps ensure you get sufficient nutrients.

Abstain from alcohol, if possible, as this is not only very high in calories but can also make you crave high calorie foods.

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