Rex Ryan weight loss by lap band surgery

Rex Ryan weight loss

The first impression of Rex Ryan weight loss

When the Jets team coach Rex Ryan return back to the NFL off-season, the people amazed in how Rex Ryan weight loss progress.

He’s back with a different body shape thanks to Bariatric Lap Band Surgery which it reduced a lot of weight, and it’s more than 90 pounds.

Rex Ryan the head coach of the Jets who shocked the media, news and journals, this time we are not going to talk about his big mouth, no its about his weight loss progress which its clear.

Rex Ryan weight loss story

Well his weight loss story started when his weight reached around 348 lbs, and then he decided in March 2010 to undergo the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery, also its known as LAGB or Lap Band Surgery.

Rex Ryan weight loss dropping is clear and steadily in the last two years, and there will be some challenges in maintaining the new weight loss process, and this will motivate others to learn more about bariatric surgery and weight loss alternatives.

Rex Ryan said he melted off nearly a 3rd of his body weight and he declined interviews on lap band surgery and his weight loss until he got rid of more than 90 pounds.

Rex Ryan before Lap Band Surgery

Ryan had promoted the lap band surgery on the media before the date of his operation, as he was paid to recommend it.

And he stated that Lap Band Surgery does not alter the outcomes according to his condition.

However, every person in this world have their own unique genotype, so the results will differ from person to another.

Rex Ryan weight loss after Lap Band Surgery

“I have no idea of what I am, but I don’t think I’m inside of the very overweight group anymore,” Ryan said.

Adding: “I make a lot of cash doing something I enjoy, I know how lucky I am, but without your well being, what do you truly have? I need to see my children grow,I would like to see their kids grow older, and all of that was essential to me.”

The Gastric Band Surgery appeared to work successfully after understanding the portion control in the stomach, so Ryan’s done the surgery and he’s ready for the new diet and his fast satiety.

Ryan hasn’t been paid to perform the operation, but has actually been hired by the business organization now to talk about it. He explained he’s suggested it to a lot of persons in his life, such as his twin sibling, Rob, defensive coordinator for the Cowboys. Rob Ryan had the operation this year, and his weight dropped down 60 pounds.

Rex Ryan (born December 13, 1962) is an American football head coach for the New York Jets of the National Football League. After serving as an assistant coach for 22 years, Ryan attained his first head coaching job in the NFL with the Jets in 2009.

He is the son of former Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals head coach Buddy Ryan and is the fraternal twin brother of Rob Ryan, defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys.

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