Poha For Weight Loss

poha for weight loss

If you are in search of a tasty and healthier food then poha is the answer to that problem. Poha is an Indian favorite food and a deciduous breakfast and any time eating option. The dish contains the main ingredient beaten rise and can include the ingredients like salad and a little of chicken in it according to your own choice. But these are not the essential part of the poha. The poha for weight loss is an incredible food as it is easy to digest and can be eaten any time.

The poha recipes for weight loss are all round and you can prepare the various recipes of the Poha according to your own taste and can add ingredients by keeping the main item and poha just like the noodles. The poha is packed with the essential vitamins and minerals and can assist in weight loss goals. You can shed the extra fats by eating the poha for weight loss recipes.

The nutrition values of the Poha:

The nutritional value of the poha varies slightly depending on your preparation technique and the ingredient. However the primary ingredient in one bowl(100 g) of the cooked poha are as follows:

  • Energy: 180kCal
  • Fiber: 2.5mg
  • Carbohydrates: 25g
  • Fat: 7.9g
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Iron: 2.6mg
  • Potassium: 5mg
  • Magnesium: 32.9g
  • Calcium: 13.7mg
  • Vitamin A: 67.6mcg 
  • Vitamin B: 1.4mg
  • Vitamin C: 1.9mg
  • Proteins: 2.34mg
  • Phosphorus: 79.7mg

Poha recipes:

The best recipes widely used in the India are given below:

Tomato Poha With Peas Recipe:

Poha is flattened rice and is best used with tomato, just add 2 cups of the fresh poha, 3 fine chopped tomatoes,onion, green chili,garlic, mustard seed and cooking oil.

Red Rice Poha With Cashew Nuts:

Red poha, 4 teaspoons of the fresh coconut oil, Cashew nut, Mustard seed, lemon juice, garlic and green chili.

A source of dietary fiber:

The poha is a natural source of dietary fiber, it can be a helpful tool for managing your weight. Studies have shown that fiber enriched food sassits to regulate your appetite, boost body metabolism and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. The low calorie dish offers protein, carbohydrate and fiber. Furthermore when adding the additional ingredient slices the onion and peanuts. The nutritional value of this dish is further boosted as digestive values have been increased. Poha for weight loss recipes also helps to regulate the insulin and assists to regulate the cardiovascular activity.

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Low in calorie food:

If you want to shed weight, it is vital to keep an eye on your calorie intake then you need to create a calorie deficit. The experts are always saying the calorie deficit is the ultimate goal for losing weight. You need to create a calorie deficit in losing weight. For example, to lose 1 pound of calories, you need to lose around 500 calories. 

This is essential for a person to avoid the extra weight gain, to ensure losing weight it is essential to include the ingredients such as fruit and vegetables in your food.This would also increase the nutritional values in your diet to increase the calorie deficit  in your food. 

Recent studies have shown sticking to a low calorie diet for better performance and you are less likely to affect the age related and chronic disorder and inflammatory diseases. Since poha for weight loss recipes contain less amount of calories and have better nutritional value it increases the chances to avoid the disease connected to your age.

The healthy carbohydrate:

One of the common issues people face during their weight loss journey is fatigue and exhaustion. It is the primary thing to add low calorie food and crab consumption. Healthy carbohydrates are easy to digest and add nutritional value to your food. 

Poha is a healthy carbohydrate and source of energy for a person. Eating the poha increases your energy level and reduces the habit of eating too much for fulfilling your dietary needs. The second thing is that it is enriched in fiber, and consuming more fiber enriched food can help with weight loss and prevent obesity. A traditional Poha is full of fiber and improves digestion and decreases the risk of constipation.

Why is Poha good food?

Eating the Poha is beneficial for weight loss due to its high fiber content. It increases the fiber content in the body and the other thing when you drink plenty of the water then it absorbs the water and suppresses hunger. When the poha is absorbing the water it increases in volume and reduces the infection in the alimentary canal. 

This decreases the necessity of eating the extra food and you require less food to fulfill your appetite. The poha can be great medicine for a person and cure the intestinal infection. A person can feel relaxed when eating the poha as its digestive system is working properly. 


Poha is low calorie and digestive food which assists to improve the digestive system and full the dietary requirements. You may remove the appetite when eating less food as compared to other food. These features are making the food the best to reduce weight. A traditional Poha is full of fiber and improves digestion and decreases the risk of constipation.

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