Laparoscopic Surgery – Laparoscopy for Weight-Loss

Laparoscopic Surgery

What is Laparoscopic Surgery (Laparoscopy)?

Laparoscopic surgery or Laparoscopy, as known to very few, is the minimally invasive surgery possible on a man. Leaving the scary technicality, let’s look at it this way. A surgeon opens up our body to fix the faulty or the diseased part and hence has to make an incision or an opening in the body.

The laparoscopic surgery however isn’t the traditional manner of surgery. Here the surgeon makes an incision of about 0.5 to 1 cm and in this opening he inserts a plastic tube called ports.

It is through these ports through which the camera and all the necessary surgical instruments required by the surgeon are introduced, thus giving a considerable access to the surgeon to make out the working of the insides of the body.

It is through the cameras attached to the ports that relay the image to the surgeon and thus reliably and essentially becoming the surgeon’s eyes in the surgery. The conventional large incision thus is given a total miss.

Specific Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery

We don’t have to be a laparoscopy surgeon or a specialist to understand that why not having a gaping incision or essentially a hole in your body would be better. Obviously there is extremely less post-operative discomfort which means the pain and the agony that ensues after the surgery is done is acutely less here.

The recovery period of the patients is thus much quicker as due to lesser incision, there is scantier chance of infection or infestation of any sort.

Apart from the pain, the biggest trouble of surgery is the scar that a patient has to bear and there is no hiding it, that the scar is ugly and very visible. However since the incision is so tiny, the scar in a laparoscopic surgery is nonexistent.

Since there is a quicker time span of recovery, there is a good chance that a patient can re-join in his daily activities much sooner.

Operations That Can Be Performed with Laparoscopic Surgery

Most gastro-intestinal, bariatric, rectal or abdominal surgeries can be performed through this medium of surgery technique. Diseases like Crohn’s disease, severe cases of constipation, diverticulitis, rectal problems like rectal prolapsed, ulcer or colitis etc. All come under the broad spectrum of Laparoscopic surgery. Even surgeries that are correlated with cancer nowadays are treatable through laparoscopy.

Safety Parameters of Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is in fact as safe and reliable as the traditional open surgery. However there might be complication in a person’s health as in internal bleeding, reaction to anesthesia or the infection of some sort that the assigned surgeon might have to decline with the process.

Otherwise in general, patients react beautifully with this surgery and the result is almost instantaneous and gratifying. To keep problems at bay, a surgeon using this surgery always makes sure to check the inside image of the abdomen.

This little drill makes sure that there is no obstruction or bleeding or hindrance of any sort that might come the surgeon’s way of the view of the required area for operation. If such things however happen, the surgeon can make the opening slightly bigger, appropriate for a more introspective and invasive view.

A Bit about Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Yes indeed, recently there have been even further discoveries in the field of laparoscopy. Surgeries are not always nip and tuck and thus many a times the surgeon needs to use his multitudes of techniques and nitty-gritty to complete and get to the complication of the surgical patient perfectly.

Thus inability of getting the hands inside restricted many laparoscopic surgeries.  Thus to facilitate complicated surgeries, originated the idea of introducing a hand access device in the ports which will give the surgeon the chance to get their hands inside just like in the open surgery.

These are sophisticated enough that even severely complex procedures like Whipple operation or biliary operations or even a pancreatectomy of an organ can be done without a semblance of hindrance.


These surgeries have garnered considerable success and praise from everyone as their recovery rates, success and painlessness and comfort of the patients have all been admirable. So stop wondering about laparoscopic surgery and consult your doctor today for it.

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