The Advantages of Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band Surgery

As the epidemic of obesity continues to sweep across much of the western world, an increasing number of people are turning to weight loss surgery for the answer to their problem.

Weight loss surgery has come a long way since the days of the original gastric bypass, and today there are several alternative procedures available. However, the advantages of lap band surgery make it a firm favorite with many doctors and patients alike.

5 Main Advantages for LAGB


It is fully reversible. Many forms of weight loss surgery involve the permanent removal of much of the stomach and this cannot be reversed. Patients who find it difficult to adjust to the new lifestyle which surgery imposes upon them are stuck with the results of their surgery, which can lead to considerable problems including severe depression. With lap band surgery the process can be very quickly, and very easily, reversed if necessary.

It’s Safe

It is a relatively safe procedure. All surgery carries some form of risk and this is true of the lap band. However, this risk is far less than that seen with other types of weight loss surgery and the risk of encountering serious complications is very small indeed.

No Stomach Removal

The is no alteration to your stomach or digestive tract. Many forms of weight loss surgery require the removal of the major part of the stomach, or of stapling off a portion of the stomach, while other surgical procedures also involve bypassing a section of the intestine, and re-routing the digestive tract. Lap banding however involves no cutting or stapling of the stomach, and no alteration to your digestive tract.


Is fully adjustable. One very significant advantage to the lap band procedure is that, once positioned, the inflation of the band can be adjusted to suit the needs of each individual patient. This makes life a lot more comfortable and brings better, and faster results.

Fast Recovery

None of us like staying in hospital, or the prospect of a long recovery once we leave hospital. With lap band surgery the best news for many patients is that only a minimal stay in hospital is needed, and recovery time is relatively short.

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