Best Ways to Lose Weight – The Essential Aspects

best ways to lose weight

Best ways to lose weight overview

A lot of people wanted to know the best ways to lose weight. Few of those people uses diet pills for which they think it is the most efficient way.

If you’re one of those people expect side effects during using those pills. And then you try eating only twice a day or worst once.

Wake up! Losing weight is not about the food you eat, your way of diet is a process of dying.

This may be a little exaggerating but it is the truth, to lose weight is not really an easy job to do especially for those who are really in the obesity stage.

But soon, you will achieve your desired weight and body figure.

Best ways to lose weight are:


There are so many diet plans to choose. It is actually one of the best ways to lose weight and to achieve the desired body.

But it is better to have your own for you to know which is better for. You can follow the diet plans if you want to but if you’re not comfortable with then stop.

You may at least eat five times a day – three regular meals and two snack meals.

Be sure to count the amount of calories you eat. It is true that you can’t actually count it but at least try to estimate the food you eat.

There is a right amount of calories you’ll need depending on your age and gender. Never forget breakfast because it is the most needed meal for you to be able to work your daily routines.

It is not advisable to forget meals because there are a lot of complications you’ll encounter after years of your skip-your-meals-routine.

It might make you go insane or complicate your digestive system. And remember that skipping meals actually make you gain weight.

Drink a lot of water and avoid carbonated and alcoholic drinks as possible. Water helps you replenish and wash away those unwanted forms in your body.

But never stop yourself from eating those foods that you want, because the more you deny it, the more you’ll want it. You can at least it twice a week just to satisfy your mouth.


Never forget to exercise, this is the second of the best ways to lose weight and to achieve the desired body.

Diet without exercise is okay but not very good. You may lose weight but not the body you desire.

Exercise is done to make your skin firm and transform those fats to muscles. For the obese ones, start with light walks, never do vigorous exercise directly.

Don’t forget to warm up and to cool down to avoid fainting or others that might lead to serious complications.

You may try bending exercises or other exercises for at least ten counts on the first day then add two or three counts on the next day and another to the next day if you think you can do it.

If you can do this, you can do the exercises by minutes like three or five minutes per exercise.

Never forget to do the exercise that focuses to the other parts of the body.


This is the most hardest but also one of the best ways to lose weight.

Why discipline?

Without self-discipline, all you had done from the start will be good for nothing.

Discipline includes avoiding the temptations, control yourself from wanting and continue what you had started.

Also, try to stop smoking if you’re a smoker, it will not only damage your lung but also help you gain weight just what alcoholic drinks do.

Your mouth might water to the foods you wanted but remember that you want to lose weight. So when you see those foods, Stop and don’t look anymore!

You will only eat the foods your body need, the healthy foods. When you’re starting to think that exercise is a tiresome thing to do, don’t even try to think about stopping, and mostly, never waste your time on just sitting around.

Think of something you can do, make yourself useful and try cleaning your house, mow your grass or arrange your closet.

Be happy!

This is the last but not the least. Being happy can intimidate you to be more persistent on what on you’re doing.

Never mind those people who laugh at you, don’t be insecure to those with perfect body. Just put in your mind that you will soon have that body.

Be self-conscious but never deprive yourself from the things you’re comfortable with.

This will lead to depression, and we all know that depression makes you want to eat more which will be the last thing you wanted to do.

And lastly do remember that happiness is the key to success. Those four are the best ways to lose weight and also will help you to reach the perfect body you ever wanted.

It might not be easy but will surely guarantee you self-satisfaction.

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