Diet Tips Before and After Bariatric Surgery

bariatric surgery diet

Patients who had bariatric surgery have to adopt a special diet, as the expert surgeons who perform surgical treatment also advice to have the bariatric surgery diet to their patients.

However, people still miss out on the diet and face severe health complications thereafter, as a result bariatric surgery becomes life-threatening, though it’s not.

Any individual has to undergo various medical tests before the surgery is performed, and this is to suggest a diet plan and to ensure a successful surgery.

What to Avoid?

  • Stop Alcohol Intake – Alcohol is considered taboo when weight-loss surgery is performed. Just when the surgical treatment is confirmed, an individual is required to give up alcohol consumption even in slightest proportion.
  • Stop Smoking – The next thing to give up before and after bariatric surgery is smoking. Avoiding cigarettes and cigars is a part of precautionary measure to evade any complication.
  • Stop Junk Food – Coming to bariatric surgery diet restrictions, junk food should be avoided. Burgers, pizzas, etc. are to be prohibited before and after bariatric surgery. Besides that, dramatic changes in the diet are required.
  • Stop Eating in Hurry – Don’t rush to finish your meals. Instead, take ample time, chew food properly and swallow it slowly. Follow this practice before and after the surgery. And for eating food is concerned, patients of bariatric surgery diet cannot jump to semi-solid or solid food directly. Their diet includes liquid food and is gradually progressed to semi-solid state.

Diet Prior to Surgery

Bariatric surgery diet plan begins at least 2-3 months prior to the surgery. It is totally based on the body height and weight of the patient. Doctors, after thorough examination of the health, put their patients on diet that has enough calories and protein in it.

Protein or calorie deficiency in the body may postpone the surgery, or completely put-off if patient seems too weak to go through the surgical procedures.  Therefore, a minimum intake of 1000 calories and 70-120 grams of proteins is supposed good prior to bariatric surgery diet. And for intake of these calories and proteins, the following diet is recommended by the doctors:

  • Low fat dairy products and eggs
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Whole grain and starches
  • Lean meat

The food items mentioned above should be consumed in proper proportions throughout the day. For example: Don’t eat vegetables, fruits, and meat at the same time. Instead, eat on regular intervals. There are quite a few benefits of bariatric surgery diet such as the following:

  • Low body fat
  • Prepare your body for the surgery.
  • And also prepare your body after bariatric surgery as well.

Post Surgery Diet

After bariatric surgery diet plan is significant to consider and follow, because the space of your stomach is decreased using staples. The absorption capacity is reduced and so is the quantity of food intake. For that matter, the focus should be on quality.

Full Liquid Foods – On being discharged from the hospital, liquid-only meal plan is approved by the surgeon. Patient has to follow this diet for approximately 2-3 weeks before moving to soft-foods and then to semi-solid and regular food.

Liquid diet includes two ounces or 1/4th cup of a nutritious supplement hour by hour. Also, two ounces of non-carbonated and non-caffeinated liquid, three or four times in an hour, to avoid dehydration and other health risks.

This routine is followed as long as the doctor suggests i.e. probably 2-3 weeks after surgery.

The list of food items include:

  • Water
  • Decaffeinated coffee with no sugar
  • Fruit juice with 50% water

Soft Foods –Gradually moving to soft foods, avoid food with high-fat, sugar, and fiber. Instead, focus on high protein food that fulfills both nutritious and protein needs of the body.

Since small meals are recommended, six to eight meals a day are okay. But overeating is strictly prohibited for who’s on bariatric surgery diet. For that reason, know when your stomach is full and stop eating further. The foods that are allowed during this stage are:

  • Low-fat eggs
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Low-fat meats
  • Baked or boiled fish
  • Low-fat soups
  • Well-cooked vegetables

Solid Foods – After few weeks of eating soft foods, it is time to start eating what you were eating before the surgery. However, the quantity should still be less. And high-fat and carbohydrates rich food should be kept at bay, especially the junk food.

Enjoy your life with a great before and after bariatric surgery diet and a slim body. That’s all we can say at the end.

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