Bariatric Surgery Cost – What You Should Know

Bariatric Surgery Cost

Bariatric Surgery Cost Overview

Bariatric surgery is a weight loss surgical procedure and is opted for those who suffer from severe obesity and body image problems. Although the surgery has a good success rate, the costs of doing one are seldom considered by those opting for it.

The surgery can be very expensive and a significant concern if you are not financially viable for it. It is important to make suitable arrangements before the surgery so as to avoid financial complications after it.

The following are the factors to remember about handling the bariatric surgery cost:

Round up the Bariatric Surgery Cost

Patients opting for the surgery often assume that the costs will only include the surgical procedure. However, before the procedure, there will be medical tests, lab exams, consultations with other doctors such as nutritionists etc.

Make sure you take note of all these costs when planning the costs of the surgery. Medication and post-operation visits will also make up a significant portion of the bariatric surgery cost.

Review Health Insurance

Most people do not inquire much about the bariatric surgery cost under the assumption they will be covered by their health insurance. This could not be far from the fact as some insurance companies do not cover weight loss surgeries.

It is important to assess and evaluate your health insurance to ascertain whether it will cover the costs of a bariatric surgical procedure. The conditions of the insurance will vary across states and the type of policy that has been taken.

Insurance Pre-Approval Procedure

Weight loss surgeries are not taken into consideration by most health insurance companies unless it is deemed a necessity due to other medical problems that stem from the condition of obesity. For instance, the bariatric surgery cost may not be covered on its own.

However, if you suffer from a disease related to obesity such as coronary heart disease or type 2 diabetes, the insurance company may consider it if you provide the necessary documents from your surgeon and physician. Be prepared as the pre-approval insurance procedure for weight loss surgeries can be daunting.

Self-Payment Plans

If you are planning on paying the bariatric surgery cost without insurance, you can contact the hospital to inquire about the payment plans. There are several medical procedures required before and after the surgery.

A number of these services can be handled with flexible payment plans. This will help patients to make a sufficient financial plan rather than making a one-time lump sum payment.

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