4 Important Things to Remember After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for a good portion of your life, you may be considering gastric bypass surgery, or perhaps you’ve already made the decision to go forward with it.

It is a great option that has allowed many people to finally have the success with weight loss that they’ve tried so hard to achieve, and to be able to improve their lives and health drastically. There are a few things to remember after surgery to make the most of it, other than just remembering to eat right.

1. Listen to your doctor

As with any major surgery, your doctor is sure to give you a lot of information about things you’ll need to do before and after surgery. Make sure you listen to what he or she is telling you – your doctor will be your best and most reliable resource for information and is the best expert you’ll come in contact with on this topic. Take a notebook to your visits if you need to, just make sure you follow any instructions you’re given.

2. Ask Questions

If there is anything you don’t understand about your surgery, make sure to ask questions. This is your body and your future, and it’s important that you know what will be happening to it and how to make the most of your gastric bypass surgery. Make sure your doctor provides you information about who to call at the office whenever you have questions.

3. Keep track of everything

Writing down all the tiny details of what you’re eating and how you’re feeling may come in handy if you have any issues by helping you get to the root of problems quickly. It will also help you in other ways, such as helping you to see how far you’ve come and reminding you what you’ve accomplished if you need an emotional lift.

4. Have a support system

As with many things in life, it’s easier not to do it alone. When you’ve had gastric bypass surgery, your body won’t be the only thing that will change in your life. Most of the changes you will see will be positive, but there will be challenges along the way as well, and you’ll want to have someone there to celebrate your victories as well as help you through the difficulties.

If family members and friends just don’t seem to understand, find a support group of fellow bariatric patients who are going through the same things you are. It’s much easier to handle any major change in life when you’re not doing it alone.

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