poha for weight loss

Poha For Weight Loss

If you are in search of a tasty and healthier food then poha is the answer to that problem. Poha is an Indian favorite food and a deciduous breakfast and any time eating option. The dish contains the main ingredient beaten rise and can include the ingredients like salad and a little of chicken in…

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honey for weight loss

Is Honey Good for Weight Loss?

Honey is a natural sweetener that has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. In recent years, honey has gained popularity as a potential aid for weight loss. Some studies suggest that honey may help with weight loss by promoting satiety and reducing food cravings. Additionally, honey has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can…

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Parineeti Chopra Weight Loss

Parineeti Chopra’s Weight Loss

Parineeti Chopra is a popular Bollywood actress who has won over audiences with her performances in films like “Ishaqzaade”, “Hasee Toh Phasee”, and “Kesari”. In recent years, she has also made headlines for her impressive weight loss transformation. Parineeti has been open about her struggles with weight in the past and has shared that her…

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Celine Dion Weight Loss

Celine Dion’s Weight Loss

Celine Dion, the world-renowned singer and performer, has been in the spotlight for many years, captivating audiences with her powerful vocals and stunning stage presence. Over the years, fans have witnessed her transformation from a young performer to an international superstar. Recently, Celine has been making headlines for her impressive weight loss journey. She has…

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green tea for weight loss

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green tea is a popular beverage known for its many health benefits, including weight loss. The active ingredient in green tea, catechins, has been shown to increase metabolism and promote fat burning. Studies have also found that green tea can reduce body fat and waist circumference in overweight individuals.  Additionally, green tea contains caffeine, which…

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Jeera water for weight loss

Jeera Water For Weight Loss

Jeera, also known as cumin, is a popular spice used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. In addition to adding flavour to dishes, jeera has also been recognized for its potential health benefits, including aiding in weight loss. Jeera water, a drink made by soaking cumin seeds in water, has been touted by some as…

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Ashley graham Weight Loss

Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Ashley Graham is a popular American model, entrepreneur, and body activist who has been advocating for body positivity and acceptance for years. She has been open about her struggles with body image and has inspired many women to embrace their curves and love themselves regardless of their size. Recently, there has been speculation and rumours…

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